2- Bending Stems -- 11/24/00 - 11/26/00

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Bending jig 11/24--Bending the stems
Bending the stem pieces before assembling the mold. I streamed the wood and clamped it to the form. After it thoroughly dries, I'll glue it with epoxy.
Note: I've heard it mentioned that oak and epoxy don't mix. I need to check that out soon. If it's true, I'll have to redo the outer strips in ash.
oops! 11/23--My first shot at a steamer box. A leftover piece of plastic downspout. Well... this particular plastic happens to get REALLY soft at steam temperature, and it turned out that the hot glue I used is the LOW temperature kind. Right as things were warming up, the whole thing just sort of oozed down to the bench. Not a very successful first attempt. And I thought I was so clever....
11/24--A little dryer ducting, a little duct tape, a teapot and success!

(note -- heat rises, right? I learned that a horizontal steam box provides more consistant steam.)
This one worked!
filter This actually didn't work as well as I would have liked. Here's my current, much more effective system. (2012)

Dust is a big problem in a shop this small, and the temperature's been in the mid 40's so ventilation is difficult. This turns out to be a very effective and simple solution. A cheap 20" box fan and a HEPA furnace filter taped to it. Just make sure the fan pulls air through the filter and doesn't blow into it. On medium speed, it clears the air of dust in about 15 minutes. I just have to hit it with the shop vacuum once a day.
workbench And here's where I've been living for the last 3 weeks
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