4- First Strips -- 11/27/00 - 12/1/00

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First strips 12/3--Stripping at last!! Finally all the prep work is done and I can see the boat taking shape.
First thing I had to do was cut the inner stems to match the angle of the bow and stern. I marked up the strip I was using to check for fairness with a lumber crayon (a grease pencil would do). Then when I rubbed it on the stem pieces it left color on the high spots. A little work with a block plane and the angle was cut.
12/3--Joining short pieces is easier and cleaner than I thought it would be, but it also takes a little longer than I expected. I'm joining them between stations, using a piece of scrap on top seated in the cove to line the two pieces up. In most cases, tape is all that's needed to clamp it, but on sharper bends clamping it between a couple of scrap strips also helps line it up. A piece of waxed paper draped over the joint keeps things from sticking First strips
stripping, day 2 12/4--Stripping, day 2. I'm only getting 2-3 hours per night during the week to work, but I'm hoping to have the majority of the stripping done by the end of the coming weekend. So far, it's going pretty quick.
After a couple of strips I saw how much glue was oozing out inside the ends of the boat where it would be very hard to sand. Now I'm being very careful to wipe of any excess. I'm sure it'll pay off in sanding time. stripping, day 2
stripping, day 2
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